Hello, I'm brittney.

Photographer // nature FANATIC // Adventurer

How it all started

I've had a passion for photography since a young age. Stealing my mom's film camera and taking who knows what, probably something that caught my eye but meant nothing to anyone else. I even entered a photography contest at the fair and later was saddened I didn't even place, hah. It wasn't until I reached my twenties that I really figured out how much I loved it. I took photos of my pets, flowers, bugs, people on occasion. It wasn't until I had a friend from high school ask me to photograph her wedding. Well first, I said no way, never! I have no idea what I'm doing. She told me; I trust you, you have an eye for it. Well I trusted her trust in me and I photographed her wedding...almost passing out from anxiety. I posted some of the photos and then my career in photography snowballed. So I give a big shout out to Caitlin for seeing something in myself I said "never" to. Now over 9 years later I have photographed well over 100 weddings.


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Jeep girl exploring taking photographs


Get to know me

Like I said, I love adventure.


Off-roading through the mountains, kayaking in rivers, gravel biking with my biker gang, skiing down the slopes, hunting with my brother, & camping with my husband, kids, & wolf dog are some of my favorite things to do.

Know the facts

01 - I once competed in an Off-Road Competition. I was the only female team member. We all made it out alive.

02 - I have a husband named Jeff, he's the next best thing to bacon.

03 - I am the Tulsa Zoo's event photographer. Its the closest thing to me being a National Geographic photographer. I keep telling myself...one day I will be.

04 - I have a German Shepherd named Hunter (pictured above), two cats Max & Lily, two beautiful bonus kiddos Piper & Talley, a horse named Spot, and I used to have a Eastern Hercules Beetle named Hercules (but they only live 6 months).

05 - Oklahoma native but Colorado has my heart and extra spending money.

06 - I once had a wild hair and moved to Colorado. I now have a mountain family there and a home away from home that I visit often. It's also where Jeff & I got married.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma Based Portrait & Wedding Photographer